Raymond Johnson

Made his debut with the Stylistics as a guitar player, went on to become a singer and performed with them for 15 years. Raymond is a talented vocalist, musician, composer, arranger, and audio/video producer. A native Philadelphian, Raymond has performed with the Stylistics, Portrait In Black, the Thompson Brothers, and the Valvedores. Raymond's work can be found on these albums, cassettes, and CDs: Russell Thompkins, Jr.'s "A Matter Of Style," on ForEverMore Records, the Stylistics' "Hurry Up This Way Again," "Closer Than Close," and "1982" on Philadelphia International Records, and Loni Gamble's debut album "Circles" on Tracey Records. Raymond's dedication and contribution to the original group continues as a valuable member of The New Stylistics. Raymond's talent, drive, and determination, along with his many years of experience, have made him a natural choice for The New Stylistics.

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